Useful links for the future of EPUB: Specifications, repositories and drafts for 3.0.1 to 3.2


In Feb. 2017, the merger of the IDPF with the W3C was announced, at which point the EPUBZone twitter feed, run by the IDPF, went quiet along with the associated website for the twitter feed. Outside of the main W3C one, there doesn't appear to be a replacement for this feed.

EPUB 3 Community Group @ W3C

On 6 Feb. 2017, the EPUB 3 Community Group was made public and from here we find a link to the EPUB 3 Community Group Work Repository on GitHub.

The Community Group page also has an archive of mail that has been exchanged and an RSS Feed. Further, you can view all participants and join the group yourself, or simply make contact.

EPUB 3 Community Group General Repository

Contained on the GitHub repository of the Community Group you can find a handy page of links to all docs from EPUB 3.1 backwards. The EPUB 3.1 links take you to W3C pages, while the links to earlier spec, i.e. for EPUB 3.0.1 backwards, take you to the IDPF site.

EPUB 3.2 Repository and W3C Draft Pages

The EPUB 3.2 repository is separate to the one for the community group and is not listed on their page of links cited above. (It may be linked elsewhere.)

The repository homepage provides links to the EPUB 3.2 draft pages hosted on the W3C website, although it omits (unless I'm missing something) a link to one of the most important pages, the list of changes from EPUB 3.0.1 to EPUB 3.2.

Blogs and EPUB News

The Digital Reader (focuses on available eReaders and viewing tech)

eBook Architects (not updated since 2015)

Pigs, Gourds and Wikis (no EPUB posts since 2013 and relocated to

nbnfusion (not updated since 2016)

Further Reading

"Why Specs Change: EPUB 3.2 and the Evolution of the EBook Ecosystem", (also published on EPUBSecrets).

"Introduction to EPUB 4":

Link to documentation for EPUB 2 to EPUB 3.1:

EPUB 3.0.1 to EPUB 3.2 changes:

EPUB 3.2 GitHub Repository:

EPUB 3 W3C Community Group:


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