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How to report an item as not arriving on eBay and why you will want your customers to follow this route when making a claim

When a parcel doesn't arrive it can be upsetting and if one of your eBay parcels hasn't arrived with a customer then you'll want to resolve the situation as quickly as possible to keep them happy. Mobile (buyers) Here's how the item should be reported as missing, on mobile first of all (desktop follows). First, click on the hamburger bar and then select purchases. Next select the purchase you want to report as missing and scroll down to choose the More Options button. Finally click on 'The item hasn't arrived' and report it as not arriving. Desktop (buyers) On desktop select the My eBay menu in your browser and open Purchase History. Now scroll to your item and click on More actions on the righthand side. Then select 'I didn't receive it' and follow the process of reporting it missing. For sellers Asking your buyers to report items in this way has a number of benefits. These include transparency on eBay, the refund of seller fees, which wouldn&#

Auto Ads are Messing with my Blog: Blogger, Adsense and Auto Ads

You naturally want to build revenue from your blog but sometimes this gets in the way of functionality of even the most basic kind. Testing Auto Ads on a Moto G7 with Android Version 9 (Chrome Browser), I discovered that the ads were preventing the links within the blog being active in the normal way. I was suspicious in the first instance of the Anchor Ads that stick to the edges of your screen on a mobile device. The problem I was seeing was that a simple tap on a link did nothing, only a long press and the selection to open in a new tab was effective. But I can't expect blog visitors to know this and so I needed to fix. I turned off Anchor Ads like this: Navigate to the Adsense account for your blog Click on Ads in the sidebar From the Ads Overview page select the pencil icon next to the name of your blog You will see a page similar to the one pictured above Expand Ad Formats in the sidebar Turn off Anchor Ads Click on the blue Apply to site button Wait for

Watch Your Language in Adobe InDesign: Paragraph and Character Styles

It might feel like a minor inconvenience to have the language set to English: US instead of English: UK or vice versa, but actually it impacts on spelling and grammar checks, and also automated word breaks. If you are not using Paragraph and Character Styles (shame on you!), then you can change the Language of text in your document by highlighting all the text and selecting Window > Type & Tables > Character from the top menu or Command + T in macOS to open the Character menu and then selecting the language from the dropdown box at the bottom of the menu. To set the language for the whole program, go to Dictionary and Auto-correct languages from InDesign > Preferences... For Paragraph and Character Styles you need to define the language within the style itself under the Advanced Character Formats tab. If you have already highlighted the entire document and changed the language via the Character (window/submenu), then this will lead to a mismatch betw

Sony PlayStation PS2 screen has turned green: Is it dying?

You unbox your newly bought PlayStation 2 and plug it in, sadly the screen looks like a 1980s Amstrad monitor. Relax. It's not dying, the output setting is wrong. To fix this: Remove any discs from the DVD tray Turn the PS2 on Navigate to System Configuration using your controller Work down the menu until you reach Component Video Out Press (X to) Enter Change from "Y Cb/Pb Cr/Pr" to "RGB" Now you can leave the menu and load your game See it in pictures below. Follow @sketchytech

The Minotaur Project: Llamasoft Still Remain!

Llamasoft is probably not a name familiar to young gamers, but it most definitely should be. Here's how they describe themselves: Founded in 1982 by Jeff Minter, Llamasoft quickly established a reputation for producing games rich in originality, adrenaline-pumping action, quirky humour and digital ungulates. Over the years Llamasoft has released over 30 games on nearly 20 platforms, garnering plenty of awards along the way as well as a loyal community of fans - The Llamasofties. This is very accurate. To a modern gamer, the graphical elements will appear naive and random, coloured flashing text will look like something cheesy from the early web, but there is an art behind their work and an irony that once you start to play the games becomes evident. Sadly, their attempts to crack the iOS market failed and it was not financially viable for them to continue releasing work there but Apple's loss is Android's gain. You can install (reinterpreted) classics on an Android

eBay: PlayStation PS2 Bundle and Commodore 64C Warranty Sealed

Blogging doesn't grow on trees, there is no magic blogging tree. It takes time and attention to detail. In starting to blog again after a fairly long hiatus of any regular posting on this blog, I've decided that it's important to restart in a sustainable and free to access way. At the same time I'll be extending the blog's reach, and not only delving into all the publishing and programming related areas that have been addressed in the past, but now I'll be looking into a newfound passion of mine as well: retro gaming. The blog already has ads and always did, but they weren't being served well using the old blogger template (hence the updated look). To further extend the possibilities of the blog, I'm now going to let you know on a fairly regular basis about retro gaming items that I'm posting to eBay under the username sketchytech_retro . But don't worry this blog will not simply become a noticeboard of sales. Let's begin. I currentl

Sony PlayStation 1 outputting black and white image: Is it broken?

The natural response to seeing your old (or newly bought) Sony PlayStation 1 outputting black and white is to panic. With many thoughts whizzing through your brain about whether the cable, the PS1 or the TV is to blame. After some investigation and theorising I've come to some conclusions about why this happens. The key being the label on the bottom of some PlayStations which reads PAL 50/60Hz. I will explore here why I think this happens based on my experience and I will also let you know that while it means something has likely gone wrong (or worn out) inside your PlayStation that there is a workaround which will restore colour and it doesn't involve any soldering or opening of the PlayStation unit. Not all PlayStations output 50/60Hz, there are models that only output 50Hz. Model No. SCPH-9002 is the one that sometimes does (there may be others). The scenario in which a PlayStation sometimes outputs a black and white signal Plugging a PlayStation (Model No. SCPH-