Loading books with a .mobi extension onto your Kindle

If you're running a desktop version of the Kindle app, you might find any attempts to open a .mobi book are met by protests that it can't be opened or that you simply see a blank page. (This is what happens to me on a Mac.)

I'll get onto how you can read .mobi books on a Mac later. (Hint using Kindle Previewer.)

This guidance will not solve the issue with the desktop Kindle app, however, if you are looking for a way to read your book on a Kindle e-ink device, or in a Kindle app on an Android, or iOS, device then this post will help you.

Here are the steps you'll need to read your .mobi file:
  1. Install Send to Kindle onto your desktop, open and sign-in
  2. Drop your file into the drag area
  3. Select where you'd like the file delivered
  4. Check the box that says "archive in your Kindle library"
Not only will it be delivered to your requested device. You will in future be able to download to different devices by logging into Amazon.
  1. Hover over the account tab
  2. Select "Manage Your Content and Devices"
  3. In the dropdown menu that states "Show: Books", change Books to Docs
  4. Use the Actions button to Deliver to Different Device 

Desktop Solution

You might find that while you can send to devices, the desktop options are greyed out. This will hopefully improve in the future. The solution for now is to download Kindle Previewer, not only will this open .mobi files it will also convert EPUB files into .mobi ones.

I realise it is a Kindle/Amazon centric solution, and you could investigate other .mobi capable apps. This is something I haven't done, but would be delighted to hear from those who have a favourite app for reading .mobi books.