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Empire Avenue: A New Place to Meet

If you've been sent a link to somebody's page on Empire Avenue: The Social Media Exchange , then like me your first reaction might be 'what on earth is this?' or 'looks scary'. The page can be rather intimidating to a first timer, and the site's home page while graphically very nice does seem to indicate that a rather large investment of time will be required if you sign up. I can't deny that some time wasting will occur, and that you if you possess an addictive personality, then you will become addicted to this in the same way as twitter or Facebook. There is a payback for your time, however. Especially if you are in the business of knowledge sharing, promoting products and services, or looking to extend your network for other reasons. This is a site, not only for the fun of playing an imaginary stock market but also for something far more useful - consolidating your social networking accounts across the web into one hub from which people can watch

"Save as ... " ePUB on Mac, Windows and Linux: Pages, Atlantis and OpenOffice

In order to look beyond the PDF and towards the general use of eBook technologies for the distribution of everyday documents, the files need to be as simple to create as PDFs. It will only be then that people who currently use the PDF format to distribute information in workplace environments can make the switch. The switch making it possible for them to distribute documents for reading more easily on mobile devices, such as phones and tablet devices. In this post, I am simply pointing at the software that takes us a step closer to this becoming a reality for more and more people. For typesetters and print designers, this will quite likely involve InDesign, which has had an ePUB export facility since the version packaged in CS3 was updated a few years back, and has since then been incrementally improved up to the soon to be released CS5.5. But for people who are not using InDesign there are other options that make ePUB creation simple and inexpensive: (1) Pages '09 for Mac - ava