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Rough and ready thoughts about JSON as an article format

I'm just beginning to think about what a JSON article might look like as compared to the same article in XML or XHTML or just plain HTML. You might ask why, and despair at the need to understand yet another language for data storage. My own interest stems from working with Xcode, where it is much easier to load JSON than XML. This is because the structure of JSON is so similar to the object-oriented language of Objective-C. Not only this but a growing awareness that JSON is quicker and lighter than XML when loading remotely - something that will happen more and more thanks to mobile apps - makes JSON all too tempting to consider. There is of course conversion to think about from XML to JSON, but online tools already exist - e.g. - and more sophisticated translation can be done using Regular Expressions (which need not be particularly complex). A simple paragraph with some italic text might look like this: {     "para": [