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Adventures in PayPal: Three Essential Links for PHP Integration

REST API integration of PayPal using PHP is the main page that you'll need to bookmark. It links to some very distinct and largely unconnected pages that are each very important for understanding the use of the API. This unconnectedness means that you follow one link and then it is difficult to find your way back to the other equally important pages, which are linked not through hyperlinks but through each being necessary to understanding the whole. Once you have downloaded the latest release of the SDK  and followed the starting instructions with Making your First API Call  using the Wiki Page for the PayPal PHP SDK there are three equally important pages: PHP Source Docs  - lists all the classes and their methods PHP Sample Code  - infuriating for the difficulty it presents in copy and paste, but nonetheless essential PayPal API Reference  - this is a language agnostic resource and explains the composition of the calls and the JSON, outlining what is required and what is