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EPUB 3 Development Area on Google Code

More and more I find myself visiting Google Code at the moment, and today @lizcastro tweeted a link to an EPUB3 development area hosted there. For those looking for sample code that meets the latest specification visit the site here .

ePUB and Kindle e-Publishing Course, University of Derby (2 and 9 July 2011)

This is a quick post to let you know that I will be teaching at the University of Derby next month (2 and 9 July 2011). The course is spread across two days and will start by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the two main eBook formats (ePUB and Kindle) for the distribution of digital content. Next it will describe how to quickly and easily convert word-processed documents into eBook formats for personal reading on Kindle, iPad, and other eReaders and Smartphones. The course will then advance to the simple steps that can enhance the format and style of documents, which is especially important for situations where eBooks are being distributed within a department or from a website. Once the basics have been discussed and some practical experimentation has taken place, the course will move on to a more advanced understanding of how an eBook is constructed. From here the course will turn to the options for distribution and sale of books, and provide the attendees with a clea

Books, apps and gaps

This is a brief post to log some new finds for those working in CSS, HTML and Javascript who might be daunted by programming apps for tablet and phone devices, but would like to start to build apps for their publications. Help is at hand for book and magazine apps in the guise of Baker Framework and Laker Compendium , two apps that flew beneath my radar for a while but which show plenty of promise and already not only create book apps with a few simple steps, but also support downloads of packaged books (seeming to indicate that in app purchase won't be that far behind). You have to be happy opening Xcode but there is little more beyond this than dragging and dropping your web files into a folder and pressing 'Run'. Creating HPub books to download is simple too, just zip all the files together and rename .zip extenstion .hpub For those wishing to build slightly different apps along the same lines there is PhoneGap , which has already been documented and written about b