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Cutting out the mirror margins for online PDFs

Mirror margins make a print book (or journal) look attractive, but when they are retained in the online PDF they can make you feel a little seasick when you flick between pages because they shift left and right on the screen. So how do you remove them without going back to InDesign and changing things around? Simple: (1) Work out the difference between your margins. (2) Crop this amount from the pages in Adobe Acrobat (3) Save in a reduced file size As a demonstration: Here's a PDF with inside margins of 19 mm and outside margins of 23 mm (these are quite generous but well suited to a journal with a trim size of 234 mm x 156 mm, which is otherwise known as Royal). You'll notice that I've navigated to the document menu already and I'm hovering over "Crop…". You'll need to do the same and click. Next you'll see this dialogue box: I've added the red circles to indicate the things you'll need to change. First, you need to set an amount