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Unfiltered Email: First steps in how not to get spam filtered

Pro-Level For pro-level email handling you can edit your DNS file with an SPF line and add a DMARC subdomain/line , and use DKIM signatures . This post isn't about that but if you want to look at your own DMARC record for the interest of it, you can do so using the terminal and the following line: dig txt Replacing with your own domain or the one your nosing around at. (You might find your hosting provider has already got you covered.) Your DNS file is also worth a look, so investigate how to view and edit. Using dig you can see your DNS file like so: dig txt And this will reveal SPF settings. (Again, you might be pleasantly surprised to see you have an SPF record by default.) Back to Basics This post assumes you're not using a dedicated server, so might not have the necessary access to install DKIM or might not have the urge at present. But you've set up automated email and you're wanting to know why it's g