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Import EPUBs into InDesign without ickmull (or the Terminal)

Following Nick Barreto's recent post on importing EPUB files into InDesign I was inspired to write this short post providing an alternative method that uses only InDesign itself. Import EPUB into InDesign (1) Follow Nick's post up to the point where he unzips the EPUB - you can do this not only in the way he describes but also by using StuffIt Expander  and dragging the EPUB file onto the StuffIt icon in the OS X dock, or by replacing .epub extension with .zip in Finder and double clicking (2) Drill down to the XHTML files as Nick also describes and change the extension of each to .xml (3) Next import the XML file into InDesign by going to File->Import XML... and selecting the file. (4) OK the DTD warning that appears telling you something about not having the linked file. (5) The XML will appear in the Structure panel and from here you can drag it into text boxes - see Adobe's guide for help . (6) Next open the Tags panel using Window->Utilities->Tags to

How to view four apps at once in Windows 8.1

One of the headline features of the Windows 8.1 update is the ability to run four apps at once side by side. This is how to get it working: (1) open four different apps from the start screen (2) open the desktop (3) move cursor to top left of the screen (4) click and drag the little preview screen that appears and place the first app next to the desktop (it should move aside) (5) repeat (4) twice being careful to drop apps next to and not on top of others Once you've done this you can resize using bars and push other apps off the screen by dragging bars to the right. If you want to choose exactly which app you want to open (or you have more than four open) you can repeat step (3) and take the cursor to the top of the screen then drag to the right then back to the left to see the apps that are running but not displayed in a Start bar. If you want to return from the Start screen or a single Desktop view or any other app to this multi-app view go to the top left of t

Are you looking for Windows 8.1 in the Windows 8 Store and not finding it?

Windows 8 neither automatically updates to Windows 8.1 nor does it get pushed to your updates list. Instead it appears in the Windows Store, which you access from the Start screen using the shopping bag tile. However, unless your Windows 8 system is prepped and ready it might not appear in the store at all. The first step to getting your system up to date and ready for Windows 8.1 is to go to the Settings menu. Do this by taking your cursor down to the bottom right of the screen and off the edge, and then click on the Settings cog. Step two is to select 'Change PC Settings' from the bottom of the side menu. The third step is to select Windows Update from the bottom of the PC settings menu and to install updates. If you do this and restart the system and the updates fail (as they did for me first time around) simply repeat the steps and freshly download the updates and try again until all are installed. The final step is to visit the Store using the sho

The reason I think the Microsoft Surface makes more sense than the Pro

You can now pre-order a Surface 2 from Microsoft. The Surface (formerly known as RT) starts at £359 (UK) but you don't want the 32 GB version unless you're happy with only 15 GB of storage for user content . Instead you'll probably want the 64 GB version with about 44 GB of storage for user content, which will cost £439. If you go with the Surface Pro then the 64 GB model has about 27 GB of storage for user content and you'll want to jump to the 128 GB version to benefit from a more comfortable 85 GB for user content. After all you're spending over £700 on this, so the extra £80 for the £799 model is most likely worth it for the majority of users. But wait. Why are you buying the pro-model at all? For the security blanket of the traditional Windows desktop? OK, the vision of one device is great but is it really the most productive or price conscious solution? I can pick up a Windows 8 laptop with a 1 TB drive on Amazon for £300 (or £450 for an i5 Lenovo) withou