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Fitness Apps: Week 7 (Google Fit, MyFitnessPal and MapMyRun)

Activity It's happened. I've started running every morning (well except for when it's raining, or when I've been up late the night before). Rising early and completing 4.5 km before breakfast while watching the sun rise. I know the exact point at which I'll feel the twinge of a stitch (at the highest point of the run), the exact point where I'll need to belch (pardon me, I'm not the only one ) before I go through the underpass. And I try to put out of my mind the points where I slow, to overcome the psychological barriers. The aim now is to get faster rather than further. At the moment the run (which has 32 m of gain) takes me half an hour. I'd like to eventually shave some minutes off that, and once I've become quicker I'll work on additional height gain and distance. (There's a hill that would conveniently extend my run, which I've incorporated a couple of times but only with my running buddy – my eldest son – and it's not

Fitness Apps: Week 6 (Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun)

There's no point in lying to MyFitnessPal , missing off a chocolate bar or conveniently forgetting your second helping. If you added another half or quarter portion to your plate then you need to count the portion as 1.5 or 1.25, etc. not simply 1. The app doesn't decide whether you gain or lose weight it simply records. It's your body that loses the weight and the app simply provides guidelines for when you would expect to lose that weight. Losing weight is psychologically tough going because you can cut back on food and exercise and still see the needle on the scales hit the exact same place it was the week before. Or you might well feel slimmer but your waist size won't have shifted. Rewards happen slowly. If you really want to impress your friends make sure you stay away from them for three or four months and then arrange a night out and ta-da! Likely no one will say anything even if they notice you've lost weight. Live with it. After all, when was the last

Fitness Apps: Week 5 (Google Fit, MyFitnessPal and MapMyRun)

After 19 days of recording food and weight, I finally committed to logging my waist measurement in MyFitnessPal . Not the waist size of the trousers I wear but the measurement around my middle. I started out beneath the 40-inch (or above) danger zone identified by the NHS  but a little higher than the ideal of 37 inches (or below). I wasn't surprised by this because it was consistent with the additional weight that I'm working to lose. On day 26, I took a second waist measurement and was delighted to see it had dropped by an inch. At this stage, four weeks in about to start my fifth week, I'm completely sold on MyFitnessPal and its usefulness in logging calories and progress. And Google Fit and MapMyRun are equally useful for the exercise data they provide. Making exercise effective This week I've been revisiting the idea of weights, since being inspired by one of the MyFitnessPal community discussions. A guy had taken three pictures of himself. One at 315 lb,

Fitness Apps: Week 4 (Google Fit, MyFitnessPal and MapMyRun)

I used to drink one cup of tea or coffee after another between the hours of 7.30 am and 5 pm. In the first week after I stopped drinking tea and coffee altogether I drank pint after pint of water. But eventually when water is your staple drink you hit an equilibrium and the intake slows down following the initial rehydration. Over the day I now drink most likely 8-10 cups (eight being the recommended daily amount on MyFitnessPal ), but at the start of this regime I was drinking more like 8-10 pints of water. At the moment, I've cut all hot drinks and had no occasion to drink tea or coffee socially for a while. (It being January, the month of hibernation.) The last tea that I drank was Rosebud and White Peony , which I first tasted at the LRB Cake Shop  and which I have been obsessed with ever since. So much so that a caddy of the rose and peony tea is on my birthday list, but in the meantime and just in case I have reason to drink tea socially at some point before my next