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The Final Countdown (Adobe Creative Suite 5)

If you haven't already heard, Adobe is to launch its next Creative Suite (No. 5) on 12 April 2010 and below is a countdown to the exact second. This is an important release for the publishing industry, because many will be looking to Adobe for a way of making the transition to digital publishing as easy as possible. While the ability to create eBooks to the ePub standard has been possible since InDesign CS3, the technology was not perfect. It was improved in CS4, but given the cost of upgrades many have held off upgrading until CS5. Many are also waiting for new Flash tools and the ability to create apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Reports elsewhere state that while the launch is on 12 April, the programs will not be available to buy until later (possibly October) - the information provided by Adobe is ambiguous and they are not willing to enlighten us any further until Monday.

Extreme iPad Testing

While the UK eagerly awaits the arrival of the iPad, others already in possession of them seem to be set on destroying them. Is there greater pleasure to be found in destroying gadgets than using them for the purpose they were intended? For these people the answer would appear to be yes. Mr Jobs will not be happy.