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What's in an EPUB 3 filename? Not much, it's all in the extension ... most of the time.

An interesting question popped up on twitter today can anyone in #eprdctn confirm that the nav file can be named something other than nav.xhtml & still operate OK? seeing nothing in spec — Iris Amelia 📎✊🏽 (@epubpupil) January 31, 2017 and it reminded me about how we become so used to the names we assign to files and folders within our EPUB structures that we might forget which are set in stone and which we've assigned or have been arbitrarily assigned by apps like InDesign for us. Thankfully it is fairly clear cut. The mimetype and files within the META-INF folder (along with the folder itself) have fixed names. But the only required one that must be in the folder is the container.xml  file and this file identifies the root file of the EPUB package, i.e. the one that identifies the location of all the others. All other files and folders can have their names freely chosen (within the limits of unicode). META-INF/container.xml The IDPF provides the following examp

When is a page break not a page break? EPUB 3, page-list and pagebreak

Returning to the creation of ebooks after a break can be tricky; getting your head back around the concepts and the difficult to navigate IDPF documentation can induce moments of confusion. At one of these points, as I was styling some prelims, I reached out this week on twitter to clarify a point about page breaks, which I think might also confuse others because of misleading type names. @sketchyTech It shouldn't break pages. It's just to identify where pages broke in a related print edition. #eprdctn — Dave Cramer (@dauwhe) January 27, 2017 Explaining the confusion It's standard practice to have a separate XHTML file for each chapter in an EPUB and it is most common for apps to break pages between these, but on occasion you might like to force a page break inside a single XHTML file. Perhaps because you want a single file for the prelims but want the half-title page, title page and copyright page, etc. to be on separate pages as they would be in a print book. S

OneDrive Syncing Issues on Mac: Keychain, Reboots and Reinstalls

OneDrive is good value for money – when it works – but there have been a number of times when syncing has needed a kickstart, most recently after an OS X update. The recent El Capitan update insisted that I change my log-in password so that it no longer matched my iCloud one (although it had been a previous update that insisted I change my password to the iCloud one), which led to another prompt when Safari updated about entering my old password to sort out keychain issues. Anyway I'd see in one of the App Store reviews that the reviewer had a keychain issue, and that there was a solution based on this, so I thought it worth a try, because there might be some connection with these recent password and keychain prompts. As luck would have it, the following did solve my troubles (this time): quit OneDrive open Keychain (Applications > Utilities > Keychain or type Keychain into Launchpad  search) search All Items for 'OneDrive' delete com.micro