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Scrivener 3: Getting Started on a Novel in 10 Questions

The first thing you'll need to do is to select File > New Project... from the menubar, followed by Fiction > Novel in the dialog box that opens. Now we can start asking questions. Question 1: How do I give my book a title? Slow down, you might want to start with a title but Scrivener views this as something likely to be in flux until the end, so the developer expects you to set this at compile/export time rather than at the beginning of writing. To see where you'll set things like your book title, author, etc. go to File > Compile or Option + Cmd + E . Now on the righthand side click on the luggage tag icon (for metadata) and you'll have a series of boxes for setting the title and name. Question 2: What about the rest of the front matter? In the Binder (i.e. the panel on the left of the main window) you will see the Front Matter icon with an arrow next to it for expanding and collapsing. Inspecting the contents of this you will see, for example

Four steps to Swift 4 export of images in Graphic 3.1

If you use Graphic  on macOS for your vector drawing you might have noticed in the recent update that you can now export images to Swift 4. There are a couple of steps to achieve this: 1.  Go to Graphic > Preferences... on the menu bar and select the Import/Export tab. At the bottom of the window you will see that there is a drop down menu under Core Graphics Export . Change the selected item from Objective-C to Swift 4 and decide whether you'd like code for display on iOS or macOS devices. 2.  Select the object(s) you wish to export in your drawing. 3.  From the top menu select Edit > Copy As  > Core Graphics Code 4.  Now you can Cmd + v paste the code into your app. However, be aware that the output code is designed to be used within the draw(_ :)  of a UIView subclass and that you are responsible for the surrounding code. Here the red box highlights the pasted code and the surrounding code has been written beforehand. The s