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Kick the caffeine

When you're concentrating on writing code it often helps to have a cup of tea or coffee, or a can of coke maybe. It seems to make things flow better, it ups your concentration. But does it? How would your coding be if your cleared your head of the fuzz of caffeine? There's only one way to find out – fresh herb tea. I spent years drinking regular tea and coffee. I was a coffee, milk, half a sugar type of person for most of my life. Then I started cutting the milk from tea and coffee before one day I happened to be in the London Review of Books Café in London (this was Swift related) and made a decision to order a white tea (not a tea with milk) but an exquisite young tea low in caffeine with loads of real woody bits and rose petals to boot. From there I couldn't go back to regular tea. (I also gave up coffee with the exception of a very occasional iced one over summer.) But it took me another year or two before I thought, hang on what about all the things on my kitchen