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iTunes: Shopper's Paradise?

I was browsing through the iTunes store yesterday and thinking about it being the digital equivalent of visiting Tower Records or HMV with Blockbuster added on. Already in the store: games and other iPod/iPhone software, films, TV series, audiobooks, music, podcasts, university lectures. The rumoured addition of books, and perhaps more advanced software for the Tablet/Slate, if true will make it a real one stop shop for entertainment of all kinds. The only thing being that you need the Apple kit to start off with if you want to go beyond watching films and listening to music on your desktop/laptop. Although there are separate book/ebook programs for organizing files, such as Adobe's Digital Editions and Bookpedia (and for researchers, Mendeley ), the mainstream will find it hard to resist having one place for the majority of their needs. This won't stop the more determined from searching out books that don't make it to the store from different providers and in differen

CS3 post-Snow Leopard Upgrade Fix: "Licensing for this product has stopped working"

I've had an intermittent error with Adobe Creative Suite 3 programs ever since upgrading from OS X 10.4 (Tiger) to OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). It has occurred more often under different user accounts than my main one, and I naively thought I'd solved it by deauthorizing and then reauthorizing my computer, but the problem came back with a vengeance today and so I took the four somewhat daunting steps suggested by Adobe. The web page includes advice for CS4 (and Windows as well as Mac). Step four seemed to do the magic for me, and it was the simplest one. However, I wouldn't recommend rearranging the order in which the steps are approached. You are better off doing what you are told with issues like this.

Keep track of your book collection

There comes a time when there simply isn't enough shelf space to accommodate all of the books you own. At this point most of us, unable to bear selling them, opt to pack them away. Well, no longer do they need to be as good as lost until the next time you clear out the loft, because help is at hand in the guise of Bookpedia . Using your webcam, Bookpedia enables you to quickly scan barcodes and draw down cover images and details from sites such as Amazon and the Library of Congress. There is a free demo version that will allow you to enter 25 books, but the US$18 price tag is a bargin for book hoarders. Especially when you consider the ability to flick through cover art as you do in iTunes and even download your collection to an iPod for reference when you are out and about in bookshops. (You'll never find yourself buying the same book twice again.) This is Mac only software: OS X 10.4.9+

Click Counting in Windows and OS X

There is an endless debate on the Internet over which is better: Mac or PC. Typically Mac users declare how great their system is compared to PCs, and PC users return fire with arguments about Macs being overpriced and having a miniscule market share. It therefore interested me to read an article on ZDNet UK, entitled How to Change Computer Name in Windows Vista and Windows 7 Operating System , which outlines the 4 or 5 clicks taken to arrive at the option to change the name of your computer for networking purposes on a PC. It interested me because on a Mac running OS X 10.6 the same task takes 3 clicks. Admittedly some might argue that it doesn't matter if something they hardly ever need is hidden a click or two deeper in the menus. But consider the other example given in the ZDNet article about changing a user profile name, which takes 5 clicks. Again in OS X this takes 3 clicks. Similarly, not a frequently changed option, but the clicks all add up and the more clicks the great