Link Sharing and Search Optimisation using Facebook's Open Graph, Twitter Cards and Structured Data (JSON-LD)

This isn't a post taking you through the creation of metadata and markup for link sharing and search optimisation. (Sorry! Maybe another time.)

It is instead a series of getting started links to help guide you towards what you need to include in your webpages to control how your pages get seen on the web from outside your website.

Facebook: Open Graph

Instructions for controlling title and image content that are paired with shared links are given here:

Content types include: music, video, article, book, profile and website. The website type being the default. For information on adding rich detail to the type, see here:

Sharing debugger:

Twitter: Cards

Twitter has a fallback of using open graph but with twitter cards you have rich functionality unique to Twitter:

This enables you to not only choose between four categories of card:
But also to add your twitter handles for creator and website to tweets.

Validator tool:

Structured Data: Google

Google promotes the use of JSON-LD for structured data: 

And where Google goes, Bing must follow:

Google Structured Data testing tool:

Bing Markup Validator: