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Xcode from scratch for scaredy cats: Ten easy steps to an iOS app (UIImageView)

You'll need to install Xcode from the Mac App Store or Apple Developer Connection if you haven't done so already. After which follow these ten easy steps to your first iOS app.

(1) Open Xcode

(2) From the welcome screen select "Create a new Xcode project"

(3) Choose type of app: "iOS -> Application -> Single View Application"

(4) Choose a name for your app, here we'll use "StaticImage". Insert this name in two places: "Product Name" and "Class Prefixes" boxes. Then select device family: choose iPad for this example (although iPhone would do equally well).

(5) Click to expand "StaticImage" project in left-hand column, so everything looks like this

(6) Go to Finder and find an image on your system, then drag and drop it into the "StaticImage" folder inside Xcode app. Here I use one called "crow.png". On the dialogue box that appears simply click on "Finish".

(7) Next select the file "StaticImageViewController.xib" by clicking it once. Also click on the icon in the status bar above the label "View" to display the right-hand column. Finally scroll down the list of objects at the bottom of the right-hand column so that you can see one called "Image View"

(8) Next drag the "Image View" object from the bottom of the right-hand column to the central window and drop it on top of the iPad screen that is displayed in the central column of your current window. You should then have a display that looks like this

(9) At the top of the right-hand column select the "Image" drop down menu and click on the name of your image. Also change "View"->"Mode" to Center

(10) That's it, now click on the "Run" button at the top left of the application window and the iOS Simulator will start up and load your app.

I've a few more of these posts planned and will be keeping things simple. Let me know if they help combat your fears of getting started with Xcode.