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How to report an item as not arriving on eBay and why you will want your customers to follow this route when making a claim

When a parcel doesn't arrive it can be upsetting and if one of your eBay parcels hasn't arrived with a customer then you'll want to resolve the situation as quickly as possible to keep them happy. Mobile (buyers) Here's how the item should be reported as missing, on mobile first of all (desktop follows). First, click on the hamburger bar and then select purchases. Next select the purchase you want to report as missing and scroll down to choose the More Options button. Finally click on 'The item hasn't arrived' and report it as not arriving. Desktop (buyers) On desktop select the My eBay menu in your browser and open Purchase History. Now scroll to your item and click on More actions on the righthand side. Then select 'I didn't receive it' and follow the process of reporting it missing. For sellers Asking your buyers to report items in this way has a number of benefits. These include transparency on eBay, the refund of seller fees, which wouldn&#